Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Story of Mesothelioma survivor

A friend of my colleague whose name I cannot disclose here developed severe mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure at work. He was once operated in early 2007. The doctors provided a number of treatment options to him but none of them convinced him .He suspected they might further deteriorate his health. He went through chemotherapy for the cancer which was caused by exposure to asbestos but now he stopped doing that seeing no good improvement.

He stopped talking any medication and he believed running will help him his condition as he got to know it from a fellow sufferer. So he went running day in and day out to prove the doctors wrong who had not much hope to cure the cancer. He is proactive in treating his disease and has participated in several meso races to raise awareness and funding.

Inspite of all this, it is very surprising that asbestos is not banned in United States. This material is still used in various manufacturing industries and particularly construction industry, There was a bill to ban asbestos in 1989 and the Washington senators almost got it passes but the judge overturned it. However, Europe countries have banned the use of asbestos in mid 2005.

There is a lot of medical research going on with treating mesothelioma however the current measures are very ineffective. The reason for him to run is to raise funds for the research so he was kind of great in helping not only him but every sufferer of mesothelioma.