Friday, February 12, 2010

Living with Mesothelioma

There is nothing good about being diagnosed with mesothelioma – it is developed as a reason for asbestos exposure. More bad news is there is no definite cure for this cancer. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your doctor. You will depend on your doctor for care throughout your illness.

How you feel when you are receiving your mesothelioma treatment will depend in part on the level of trust you feel in your medical team. Doctors will do their best to relieve troubling symptoms such as chest pain (possibly from a pleural effusion, or fluid in the lungs) or abdominal swelling (ascites fluid). But there’s much more to dealing with advanced mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is sometimes called asbestos cancer because it is almost always associated with having been exposed to lose asbestos fibers at some point in your life. It may help to read about asbestos exposure and to find materials created by those who have also received a mesothelioma diagnosis. Hope is the most important factor in living with mesothelioma.

Difficulty breathing and coughing are frequent symptoms in the earlier lung cancer stages. Report this type of symptom to your doctor as soon as possible. Early detection can give you greater hope. When you’re living with mesothelioma in its later stages, you may have chest pain from a pleural effusion (fluid in the lungs), swelling from ascites fluid (in the abdomen), and other more difficult symptoms. Talk to your doctor. Explore the Internet for information and mesothelioma advice.

Many doctors in cities like New York and Los Angeles are well versed in diagnosing and treating mesothelioma. Contact one of the centers of excellence for mesothelioma treatment—they are in states such as Ohio, California, Texas, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida and others.

Experienced asbestos mesothelioma lawyers are familiar with much of the research being done and may be able to direct you to active clinical trials. The right attorney may have relationships with doctors and other professionals who can make a difference in how you’re living with your mesothelioma. Find a mesothelioma attorney you trust and that you feel comfortable with—s/he can offer support and assistance in addition to potentially winning a settlement for you if your case warrants.