Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mesothelioma cases rising in Mexico

Recent studies done my America journal of Industrial Medicine shows that the diagnoses of mesothelioma which are caused by asbestos exposure are raising in Mexico. Developed nations like EU and North America already banned or regulated the use of asbestos while many other countries still continue to use it.

Since there is no so much demand in developed nations, the asbestos sellers are trying to increase their exposure in developing countries. If Mexico has to contain their rising cases of mesothelioma they either have to ban or at least regulate the use of asbestos in industries.

Many cases diagnosed for mesothelioma are as a result of exposure to asbestos at work places and many workers are not very aware of the side effects of playing at workplaces which involved working with asbestos.

There are many lawsuits that are being files in US for settlements with the employers.  There is a huge percentage of lawyers that from Houston, San Diego, Ohio. Houston mesothelioma lawyers are famous just for the percentage of the lawyers that hail from that region. Houston mesothelioma lawyers will sometimes fly to your place to understand the case as such is the returns in those cases.

Overall, Mexico has to either ban or at least regulate the use of asbestos at work places.